A gift that you

can't buy on a shelf

The Pin-up Rebels boudoir experience

I believe that every woman matter.

You deserve to tell your story. 

Let me meet you right where you are right now - with a Pin-up Rebels boudoir experience.

Trust me. There is no need to change anything about yourself for I believe that beauty is boundless.

Let us celebrate with you in this present moment through a powerful and empowering boudoir photography experience. 


*Yes I have walked the talk more than once. So I have been in your shoes and know how nerve-racking it can be. 

I’m Mary Violet, the founder of The Pin-up Rebels and I’m glad that you have found me. I’m a wife, a boy mom, daughter, sister, best friend, and a passionate storyteller. I live on coffee, enjoy the occasional wine and love video games!

Boudoir photography is my speciality - Yes I live, breathe and dream about it! I do not do any other genres for I love to focus 100% on women like you who have never done any posing in their entire life.


We women, tend to be so critical of ourselves and need a reminder that we are always enough. I have witnessed a countless number of incredible women in my life fall into severe depression, or they feel inadequate by a society with unachievable expectations. 

My mission is to help you reconnect with yourself as we discover who you are with your artwork that will be as raw and real as it can get. This boudoir photography experience is a rare opportunity to capture the true you because I want you to feel important and appreciated. It is a journey that I will go through with you to celebrate your imperfections, conquer your fears and allow you to fall in love with yourself fiercely.

So please let me invite you to an exclusive boudoir session and allow me to guide you on an unforgettable experience where you let go all your insecurities and be unapologetically beautiful!


`` Few hours never felt enough! You would play with textures, props and decor and it becomes a different set! Mary guides well with hand placements, poses and posture to further accentuate assets. Mary's vision is always to flatter the physique and empower oneself and making sure everything is professionally arranged from start to finish." ~ Ms L

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