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1) How far ahead should I book?

Please book at least one and a half to two months in advance to give yourself some time to prepare yourself such as shopping for your outfits, getting your hair and nails done or even pampering yourself at a spa. This will also allow me to communicate with you closely and guide you on your outfit ideas and for you to share your ideas easily. 

After the session, you will need to wait for another two weeks for the reveal session (guess what, sometimes I can do same day reveal if time permits!) I will be presenting your digital art for you to choose and finally six to eight weeks for the final products to arrive.

In conclusion, the entire experience takes a maximum of three months if it includes an album or any physical products. Two months if you only want the digital artwork.

Please note that boudoir photography is a transformational photographic experience and not an express photography service. We usually don't do sessions on short notice but don't hesitate to ask!


2) I do not know how to pose! These women look so natural and confident! I do not think I can do it.

I get that response, all the time! This is part of my job - to guide you with posing. I have worked with women of different shapes, sizes, and physical abilities. I do not expect you to know how to pose at all. 90% of the women featured on this website are not professional models at all. They are mostly women who work desk jobs, are stay-at-home moms, teachers, pilates teacher, nurses, home-schooling moms and many more! You are more than welcome to suggest certain poses or share poses that you are inspired from Pinterest that I will convert it to represent my style. I am always open to ideas and will cater to your theme. Just a warning, you may leave feeling sore after your session for it can be a workout BUT you will be beaming with pride for you have managed to conquer a tough series of posing challenges.

3) Will my images be shared?

Due to the nature of this type of photography, your images will NEVER be shared. I will only share images with your explicit permission and a signed model release form.  I have many clients who did not sign the model release form and none of their images has been shared at all. 

4) Can I bring a friend or a significant other to the session?

Sure. However, once hair and make-up are done, I will request that your friend or significant partner leave the location. They may have coffee at the cafe nearby and return once you are done with the session. Base on my previous experience, having someone else apart from any of my other team members at the photography session can be very distracting and disruptive to your experience. 


5) Who else will be at the session apart from you?

I understand how nerve-wracking it can be to be in your most vulnerable state with strangers in the studio with you. But it will usually be me, the makeup artist and sometimes a female studio assistant.  Sometimes it will just be me and you alone after the makeup artist is done with your hair and makeup session. We are an all-female team and it will usually be crazy fun! Think of a pyjama party scenario!

6) I am excited to be in this experience but nervous about my body. Do you do photoshop?

Before our preplanning session, I will send you a questionnaire that will ask you about your favourite features and parts of your body that you are conscious of. During your session, I will keep a note of your favourite features and with lighting and poses that will bring the best out of your body. I do minimal retouching because I want the images to be as raw and as real as how you are on that day. Minimal retouching includes removing blemishes, strap marks on your body, lighting adjustments, and basically imperfections that are supposed to be gone in a months' time like pimples. Let's embrace your scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, unique skin condition! Let's celebrate who you are right now!

7) How do I know that this experience is for me?

Boudoir photography is for EVERY woman. This intimate photographic experience celebrates YOU. It is an excellent healing process and the perfect confidence booster!

8) Do you have a studio or can you travel?

I usually do 99% of shoots in my home studio in Bukit Timah, Singapore. Most of my clients enjoy shooting in my home studio because it feels safe and comfortable. Plus we have an endless supply of drinks and snacks! But I am willing to travel and have had experiences doing photoshoots in hotel settings and at the client's home.  If we are to do the shoot in your home, we will need to plan in advance on how to prepare your home to be ready and free of clutter. Please keep in mind that there will be additional fees if it is to be done on your location or hotel setting. Nevertheless, I will accommodate to your chosen location so as to minimise your stress!


9) I do not want to go nude or show a lot of skin.

Boudoir photography is you being you. I want you to look sensual and confident in your photographs so I will not pressure you to do something that you are not comfortable with. We will keep our lines of communication open during the entire session and you will guide me on your comfort level. Do note, I am not a photographer who will sell the images commercially. I take photos FOR women and NOT OF women. This whole experience is to empower you and make you feel confident.

10) Can I use my own makeup artist?

Yes you may but your makeup artist All my makeup artists are very experienced and they know my workflow and lighting style. They are women who also know how to connect with my clients and prepare them mentally for the entire session. If you are adamant to use your own hair and makeup artist, do note that the experience cost stays the same. 

11) Do you provide outfits?

No, I don't but I will encourage my clients to bring their own outfits to compliment and fit their bodies perfectly. Having outfits that fit you will bring out your best and you will feel confident wearing them. 

However, I do have a few staple pieces in my Client Wardrobe just to fill the gaps of your outfit and kick it up a notch!

12) Where do I book?

You may send me a text message or Whatsapp at +65 9128 9395. Otherwise, you may also email me at Please note that I may take 24 hours at most to respond to you for I may be busy at a session with a client.

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