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The Pin-up Rebels give back!


We wish to pick and gift two inspiring women with the opportunity to experience a private boudoir photography session with us worth $3,000

All we need from you is to nominate this special person by sharing their story! 

Requirements for this nominee to be considered:

  • Above 18 years old.

  • Does not have a session currently booked with us.

  • Someone you feel deserves to be pampered for a whole day with our unique self-love experience.

  • Boudoir session to take place in any of these following months: July 2024 - November 2024

  • The nominee must be notified and agreeable to being nominated.  

  • The nominee is okay with trusting her confidence in us. 

  • Has a body. We don't care about size, colour, shape, texture. Every BODY is welcome! 

  • Base in Singapore.

  • This gift of experience is non-transferable.     

What our gift recipients will get:

  • A whole day of pampering (9 am to 4 p.m.)

  • Preparation guides

  • Complimentary hair and makeup session by a professional hair and makeup artist 

  • Same-day photo reveal 

  • 10 fully retouched Hi res digital Images 

  • 2 to 3 outfit changes with emotive pose coaching 

  • Wardrobe and styling advise

  • A choice of outfit ideas. (It doesn't have to be lingerie)

  • Professional retouching of photos

  • A fun, non-judgemental, safe space to feel comfortable in her skin.

  • A major confidence boost and a reminder that they are always worthy. 

from some Pin-up Rebels


You must be wondering who will photograph all these beautiful women you nominate for this luxury boudoir experience.


Well, hello! I am Mary Violet, the founder and photographer of The Pin-up Rebels *waves*. It has been an honour to help women see themselves as confident warriors through the art of boudoir photography since 2013.

My mission is to help women reconnect with themselves as they discover who she is with their artwork that will be as raw and real as possible. This photo-therapy experience celebrates how she kept her head above the choppy waters of despair or stood proud and tall against every storm. Or be a beacon of encouragement for others. 


All our guests leave their sessions with clarity and beaming confidence. Some practised more self-compassion to themselves and learned to create healthy boundaries, for they realised that they always matter.


I wish the two chosen women from the nomination to experience the kind of love our guests have gained.


Boudoir photography is not an ordinary photo session but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dig deep and understand herself more. So, please let me and the talented team of The Pin-up Rebels invite her to an exclusive boudoir session.


Let me guide her on an unforgettable experience in which she lets go of all her insecurities and embraces who she is right now. 

I am excited to meet her!

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1) Who may nominate?

Anyone can nominate a woman as long as you are above 18.

2) May I nominate more than one person?

Yes, of course! You will see a link to nominate another person once you reach the 'thank you' page.

3) Will the pictures be shared online?

Nope. This is a private session. It's not a model call/creative call. However, if the winner wishes to be featured, we require her to consent to us through a written client release form after her session.

4) May I nominate myself?

Yes, you may! I love how unapologetic women are. Sharing your story may be liberating, too.

5) Oops. I don't know how I end up here. I am interested in booking a session for myself.

Please click here to schedule a non-obligatory phone call.

Thinking of booking your own private boudoir session? Reach out to us at or click here to schedule a non-obligatory pre-session call.

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