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6 common reasons to ``I can't do a boudoir session right now"| Singapore boudoir photography studio

I'm sure you were inclined at some point to reach out and find out more about boudoir photography, but your anxiety kicks in with many `buts'. However, picturing yourself entering an unfamiliar territory where you open up and become vulnerable in front of a stranger can be nerve-wracking. I get it! I spoke to so many women who enquired, and it clears the air that it is not as intimidating as it seems. And I kept getting the same reasons for not doing a boudoir session. So here are some common reasons that prevent a woman from embarking on a self-love journey through photography.

1) I have to lose weight first.

The whole point of a boudoir session is changing the way you see yourself and not changing your body to fit an (unrealistic) standard. You are ready to document who you are right now, and there is never a right time. Our bodies evolve all the time, and time does not wait. Therefore, it is important to document who you are right now. And the entire experience is not about how you look but how you feel on that day.

2) I don't have the money right now / it's too expensive.

We have pre-session payment plans with NO interest. If you opt for this payment option, you will choose the product you want and then pay monthly until 30 days before your session date. Hence some women chose this option so that they have enough time and flexibility to prepare themselves (outfits and budget-wise), and it also secures them a date for I have limited slots every month. Psst, did I tell you that you get amazing bonuses for signing up with pre-session payments? Examples of bonuses are: using the shower set, or do a wet t-shirt ripping session, or use special props at no extra cost, and it is only offered to pre-session payment. Oh, by the way, some women have already booked for the next year!

3) I don't have anyone to give the photos to.

Gifting your boudoir photos to someone special is a sweet gesture, but this entire experience is all about you. It is a gift for yourself and an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself. If you think about it, you invest a lot of your time and energy in getting yourself prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a result, you are the only one who will remember how confident and empowered you felt on that day. Think of it this way, whenever you see old photos of yourself, you would be brought back with feelings of warm fuzzies, or you remembered what the story was in the picture.

4) I could never spend that much on photos of myself.

We tend to put everyone else's needs before our own, but you are absolutely worth investing in. As mentioned above, we have pre-session payment plans available if that would lighten the load for you. This is a meaningful experience that sticks with you forever. Time to get in touch with your sensuality!

5) I don't have the confidence to do a boudoir session.

Boudoir photography allows you to see yourself and your body from a different perspective. Instead of noticing your perceived flaws and disliking your body, an intimate and sensual photoshoot like boudoir photography can help you see just how incredible and beautiful you are. Spending a day getting pampered and strutting your stuff is more than just a good time - it can completely change your self-image. When you stop to see how gorgeous you truly are, you begin to appreciate yourself and your body a little bit more. For example, have you seen how magnificent your back is?

6) I'm not young enough/ I'm a plain jane.

Your age is just a number. You're beautiful regardless of it, and I have photographed women over 50 and made them look like an absolute bombshell! This is your chance to feel powerful and empowered - an opportunity to feel amazing about the body you were given. You are given only one body to love. And your body is the vessel that nourishes you and keeps you alive.


The more you say, ``next time", the chances are it will never happen.

So what's really stopping you from doing your own boudoir photoshoot? It is an enjoyable and memorable experience like riding a frightful roller coaster. But, be warned, a boudoir can be highly addictive, and it can give you a huge rush of dopamine after your session! Time to embrace and accept who you are! Be fearlessly you!

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