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How to fall in love with yourself through boudoir photography | Singapore boudoir photographer

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

A self-love boudoir photography session with Pin-up Rebel Ms. EL

Beautiful portrait edge of the bed

When I met Ms EL, this lovely soft-spoken woman exuded a lot of motherly love and told me that she wanted to celebrate who she is and how far she has come. Ms EL is from South Africa, a mom to two gorgeous daughters and she homeschools them here in Singapore. Now, these fascinating homeschooling moms or dads need a massive medal because homeschooling is another level of parenting.

“I had a severe mental breakdown 2 years ago but recovered and now wake up with a smile (most mornings). I also have fibromyalgia which means I need a lot of coffee and Berocca to get me through the day.

My stamina is very low, so I can't keep up the way I would like to. I have never really felt beautiful because I had a teeth operation when I was seven, and it left me with a more exposed gum line which I am embarrassed about every day. Other people don't see it, but I feel self-conscious about it.

I would like to see how other people see me. I would love to feel beautiful and precious again. Most of all, I would love some time to myself to do something I would enjoy.” ~ Pin-up Rebel Ms EL

Smiling bed pose Singapore boudoir studio

Most of my clients will usually ask me what to wear for their boudoir session or what kind of lingerie to invest. Let me tell you what will work: Anything that will make you feel empowered! Our body evolves all the time so please ask the salesperson to measure your body so that you will have the perfect fit. So Ms EL and I went for some fun lingerie shopping at Change Lingerie in Cluny Court. Here's what she got:

Remove lingerie straps on bed

I am proud of Ms EL, for she has invested a great deal of time to herself (after all, it is her ‘me time’! ). For a couple of weeks, she has been diligently getting herself ready by pampering herself with a new pedicure and manicure to be picture perfect for her boudoir session.

On the day of her boudoir session at her home, Ms EL was a spark of joy! Her spontaneity and passion for pursuing feeling sexy made her look and feel like a bombshell! I was glad that she trusted me and surrendered herself to be in her most vulnerable state.

Husband's white shirt boudoir photoshoot

A challenging floor pose for boudoir photography

I was blown away by her sheer determination to execute some of the challenging poses like the floor pose above.

Caress your body while lying in bed

Stripping off the husband's shirt

Cat Cow pose on bed while wearing lingerie

The entire boudoir photography experience was kept under wraps from her husband because she wanted to surprise him.

Husband's miniature cars black and white photoshoot

Ms. EL even told me that her husband is a collector of miniature cars. I got excited and suggested that we gather some of his miniature cars to line them along her beautiful curvaceous back. This is such a cute gesture of involving something that reminds you of that special someone throughout your session.

Miniature cars on a beautiful curvy back

And so the portraits blew him away! He was agape the entire time when she revealed them to him. He loved them all!

This celebration of self-love through boudoir photography was such an uplifting experience to Ms. EL. It has brought out so much more confidence to her, and it is also a great reminder of why she is loved.

Ready to have your own fun and exciting boudoir photography experience? or do you know of someone who deserves a self-love boudoir photography experience? Visit our Contact Page to get started.

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