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Singapore's Circuit Breaker sparked my creativity| Boudoir Photography, Singapore

`` Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."-- Bruce Garrabrandt

I was devastated at first when Singapore would have to be on a Circuit Breaker due to the rampant increase of Covid-19 cases. This Circuit Breaker would mean that I would have to postpone all photoshoot sessions, and the uncertainty of when we are allowed to operate again is unsettling.

You see, I'm a worrier. I thrive on being occupied with photoshoots and meetings to keep my sanity in check. And moping about the dismal situation will not help.

So I am thankful to be part of a boudoir photographer community group on Facebook, and they were sharing tips and ideas generously on ways to keep practising our vocation without being physically present with our subjects. Enter the webcam boudoir sessions.

Boy oh boy, it was a lot of fun! Like we were having a pyjama party. We were even catching up with each other while sipping coffee. Doing a boudoir session on the webcam is almost the same thing as being in the studio with me. It is the physical experience that is different from the typical boudoir session.

There was no physical presence (I cannot assist them in adjusting their poses), and the resolution of the images is not wall art quality.

Forget all the fancy lighting and props.

Forget all worries in the room, like clutter.

All we need was a favourable corner and a good enough space. These adventurous ladies were guided on finding and using natural light around them. Not only do they get splendid photographs of themselves, but they also gain useful knowledge on embracing abundant light. I learned there are two factors present: emotional connection and adaptation. As long as we are all emotionally connected, and we work with what we have, magic happens. I am so proud of them all for taking my directions and most of all for being so spontaneous! These women were so raw and real - they were unapologetically themselves. Huge confidence alert! That is sexy at its best!

I am eternally grateful to them for trusting me and even taking the plunge in this. And I am relieved to know that we are resilient creatures ;-)

Did you do anything different and exciting during the Covid-19 quarantine?

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Credits: Ms RN and Ms RT of The Curve Cult -

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