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Time to prioritize self-love through a boudoir photoshoot | Singapore Photography Studio

Ready to start hair and makeup

I opened the door and greeted an excited Pin-up Rebel, Ms Y. She was beaming and became comfortable instantly as she settled her bags at the table. While sipping on our hot coffee and eating nibbles, Ms Y began to share her personal life like an open book and talked about her challenging business journey. We all agree that we are on a business expedition that no one else can comprehend.

"There was a part of my life where I felt my death was worth more than living as I was very stressful. What kept me going was my family (parents, brothers), my husband and furkids. I decided to start to find myself again. I learnt to love myself and that my needs matter too. I cannot always be a giver." ~ Pin-up Rebel Ms Y

Hair and makeup session is a great ice breaker was founded during the peak of the covid period in Singapore, where everyone was desperate to stay fit at home. She wants her sportswear brand to be easily accessible by focusing on being an online store. She kept smiling, ``I want to help everyone. I want everyone to know that I have gym wear of their size that makes them look good and feel good."

Her down-to-earth personality made her magnetic and approachable. However, she has faced many backlashes from other local brands. Her fighting spirit keeps her floating, and it reminds her to put her blinders on. I encouraged her to do a boudoir session with me to boost her confidence and display her vulnerability to the world. This is an excellent approach for her to show all her customers and potential customers who is the creator of this growing local gym wear company.

I told her that this session would be an experience that tied up with's motto of ``self-love is priority". Ms Y gladly accepted the challenge to try boudoir photography because she wanted to try something out of her comfort zone as she usually associates herself with a ``cutesy" style. After all, staying in our comfort zone does not allow us to grow.

wefie of team on the bed before the start of boudoir session
All dolled up and it is time for the photoshoot!

Did you tell others that you will be doing this photoshoot?

I told my husband about it, and he was supportive.


What was your biggest fear before your session?

I was nervous and unsure how the photos would turn out. I didn’t know how to pose, but my fears were unfounded as Mary guided me a lot, and the photos turned out great!

curvy woman lies on sofa in gym wear
I've coached her to look up as though she can see her business' bright future


What was your favourite part of the entire photographic experience?

I enjoyed the pre-shoot conversations that made everything comfortable. I love how the photos turn out. I was also glad I was given so much guidance on the poses!

dreamy touching neck while lying in bed
How about something dreamy?

How would you describe your feelings when you saw the photos during your reveal session?

I was happy!!! (she was speechless with joy during her photo reveal)


What would you say if you were to recommend us to your best friend?

I would ask her to go for it, as it brings self-love to a new level. You will see a side of you that you have never seen before.


Ms Y was a great team player during the entire session. Apart from some bold poses that require more time for her to get accustomed to, she made the effort to try, and her resilience has paid off. Some of these images may have poses that look easy, but a lot more strength movement is required, like the image below.

support from crown of head while lying on floor with reflection
We call this the "headache" pose for the crown of your head will be supporting the top half of your body.

I'm proud to see how this positive boudoir experience has made Ms Y feel and look phenomenal. And if you notice, lingerie was not used for her entire photography session. May this empowering photography session be an affirmation to Ms Y that the beautiful person in these photos has a fighting spirit who is not to be messed with!

Keep hanging on, Ms Y! We got your back!


Here are more images of Ms Y at her intimate photography session:

Sofa pose for plus size in burgundy gym wear outfit

tushy shot while wearing gym wear in couch pose

kneeling back shot on bed

white shirt with gym wear kneeling pose

black and white image of curvy woman laughing on the couch

curvy woman looking sensual while lying in bed

bottoms up body stretch on floor with reflection

white t shirt rip gym wear black and white image


All boudoir sessions are personalised and not cookie-cutter. We are a safe space for all types of bodies. Travelling to Singapore? How about incorporating a boudoir session into your Holiday in Singapore? All our session includes complimentary hair and makeup by a professional Hair and Makeup Artist!

Curious about a session? Let's chat here.

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