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Why every curvy woman should do a boudoir photography session | Singapore boudoir studio

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

An unfiltered interview with a curvy outspoken goddess Pin-up Rebel Ms A.

Describe yourself in a few words. What is your day job?

Hmmm a few words... haha kinda hard. Maybe attentive. assertive. goal-getter.

The last one is very crucial for me. Whenever I set my mind on something, I will do my very best to get it.

Believe it or not, I'm a student care teacher. Hahaha. And believe it or not, I love what I do. If it was me in the past would have met me now I wouldn't know me.

This is crazy. I never believe I could be a teacher.

Well, sometimes you got to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. You never know you can soar until you try it.

But still credits to all teachers in the world. This line is tough.

What do I love about this job you say? Besides the fact that this job is related to what I study in the field of psychology in a sense but....honestly dealing with crazy children. hahahaha

Maybe its fate. IDK. But I do believe its the fact that both my parents are huge disciplinarians and retired army officers.

What are some struggles that you have faced while growing up?

A lot I would say. Struggles like fitting in, recognition, body shaming, gender inequality...

Yes, it's still a thing.

Well fitting in... I grow to love how weird I am honestly. I still trying to find out if its biological or environmental factors hahaha.

Gender inequality is more in my household, as the oldest and a girl among three children you sure have a lot of responsibility. I learn to cook and clean wayyyyyy earlier than the two pricks living next to my room.

yes I can say that. PRICKS!

I am 26. they are slightly younger than me. I am balancing my work and personal life.

Which means, work, school, photoshoots, sleep.......

Doing what I love in life. But then what do I need to do at home? Clean. Don't get me wrong. I can cook and clean. But damn!

This inequality began way before I can fight for my rights in the family. Not that I blame my parents 100 per cent because this mentality was passed down generations one after another. I confronted them ever since I started primary school.

These are their words exactly. I still can hear it ringing in my ears.

I quote `` because they won't be the ones serving their in-laws making them happy."


What is the most ridiculous statement made at you?

Why you so OUTSPOKEN?

I get this a lot. Ridiculously. So I learn to keep quiet with people I don't know. It's really a double standard. Why do people keep asking to be ourselves then question if we are crazy? Or the things we say are wrong.

But honestly, I figure it out. I am direct with what I say. I speak what's on my mind. Many individuals can't accept that. They think they can but well .... not really.

People that like you might say you are courageous. People that don't like you will say you just plain crazy.

How would you describe your body shape?

I would say I am happy. haha don't know if I can describe myself that in this "politically correct world"

Plus-size? Curvy? IDK tho.. But in Asian terms, I would say plus size. In international terms, I am curvy. haha but my boo call me slim thick! So I think I can go with that. SLIM THICK :*

Any tips or advice on women who are a size bigger than the 'norm'? E.g how to handle nosey relatives etc.


Depends if you like your relatives and if it will affect your favourite parent to scold you afterwards.

Haha. If they meet me on a good day, I'll smile, bow slightly with a curtsy and turn my back.

MY TRICK IS ..... challenge their mentality. Well, mine involves some nasty language in there but I know you can do better than I am.

``I got ass. wait didn't your man leave you because you got none?"

``These humps take effort to get to unlike some platforms'

Ohhhh and my ultimate favourite:

``I maintain my figure. Why can't you?"

Throw in some winks in there if you can. Ohhhh the reactions I got is priceless!

Do you think ALL women should do a boudoir photography session for herself? Why?


I STRONGLY encourage women of all sizes to do it.

Well, I love being sexy. And being sexy is a powerful thing as a woman. Trust me if you lose it... find it back quick!

I model for about 3-4 years now. From fashion to boudoir to nude. I am always enjoying myself. But there is something about boudoir photo shoot that is so luring and seductive.

Like I told you I love being sexy so that's probably why but then boudoir is more about being yourself fully. The internal glow from yourself is so flawless. The energy is stunning.

Even if you are a plus size women embrace those curves. Those curvy yummy goodness. Actually that's the more you should be doing boudoir photoshoot.

Trust me despite the fact that you might or might not hate your size right now arrange a boudoir photoshoot. The sexiness and happiness coming from you when you see the pictures will tell you something. Something that says ``you only live once', then why have you limited your own happiness just because of your size?

Even if you achieve your ideal size in the future, you look at the pictures again, you will remember how you feel and not how you look like in the pictures.

Please define what is sexy to you. Why?

Brains. Without a doubt.

Intelligence is my thing. When somebody says something smart or know what they are saying it's sexy. And also the attitude, the assertiveness towards their beliefs and opinions is sexy.

What are some problems/issues that curvy women in Singapore shouldn't have to deal with in 2020?

A problem like having the side-eye from other people. Ohhh those eyes are the worst let me tell you this.

I was at the lingerie store, this lady was facing me and her eyes are the killer. Eyes that assert and accuse why am I in the store.

It's really nasty. This is one of the main reason why I don't shop in Singapore for things like lingerie anymore besides the fact that SG limited choices for styles of fashion and sexiness for us curvy women.

What are some of your favourite shops/online shops for fashion? Any local shops?


but I still embrace some amazing stunning outfits in Bugis stress once in a blue moon.

But my go-to shops are Fashionnova, OhPolly and HoneyBirdette.

Amazing choices for my style. But if you know any shops that you highly recommend hit me up or tag me on insta!!!! :*



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