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Yes, your maternity photoshoot can be different | Singapore Boudoir photography studio

Presenting Pin-up Ms VT.

This boudoir session was her third photoshoot session with The Pin-up Rebels. Yup, a boudoir photo shoot is highly addictive!

Her thoughts:

''Definitely not your run of the mill photography session, because it will leave you feeling very empowered and confident after that. It is certainly more than just a photography session, it is also a mental and emotional breakthrough...
Ready for her hair and makeup session
Mary (photographer) is extremely friendly, skillful, and aims to take photographs that has meaning for you. It really is not just your standard "stand and pose like this" kind of shoot. I felt really comfortable being photographed by her and it didn't feel overly posed...

All glammed up and ready for her photo session!

The makeup artists are also skillful, taking into account your theme for the shoot and your facial features. You won't feel self conscious as the shoot is done in privacy." ~ Pin-up Ms V

I have to reiterate that safety is a priority during your boudoir photography session. I will send a questionnaire to you where you can inform me if you have any mobility restrictions. We highly respect all levels of mobility and work with what you can do. We keep our lines of communication open during your session, for it is of utmost importance that you feel safe and not get injured. Spending half a day with me at your boudoir session can get physically tiring, and so your body may feel sore after some time. Don't forget, and it is a day dedicated for you to feel pampered!

We started with simple standing poses for Ms V to warm up for her session. Ms V here was around 36 weeks pregnant. She did not have any backache or pains. I remembered that I was immobile when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Bless her!

The traditional maternity pose - cradle your gorgeous belly!

After a bright and airy theme with Ms V, I figured that I had to let her feel extra glamourous by presenting a body stocking covered in rhinestones. Her reaction was priceless!

"What is this? It looks so tiny!!"

I believe it released her prowess, and she was determined to include other elements that scream ``I'm sexy, and I know it!" It is the outfit that can ignite your confidence.

Unleashing her sensuality

Here are some of her images:


Exploring and loving the skin she's in







Thank you, Ms V, for permitting us to share these beautiful images of you with the world! I hope that it will inspire other women that being pregnant should not prevent them from exploring their sensuality through the art of maternity boudoir photography. <3 After all, you are worthy of celebrating what your body can do, and you get to enjoy the calm before the little one arrives!


Ready for your luxurious maternity boudoir photoshoot? Talk to us here!

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