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An intimate photo shoot with a soft toy. (Not what you are thinking of!) | Singapore Boudoir Studio

I saw the 10a.m sun pouring in generously and thought of trying out a hazy/smoky effect. The opportunity was there, and I didn't want to waste it. Since I don't have a model on call, I use what I have around me.

Here's introducing Big Dog. He has slim legs and a huge head. There are days his limbs get twisted by a six-year-old rambunctious human, but Big Dog doesn't complain.

Unfortunately, the glorious light has moved by the time I set up the place. But the show must go on, and we work with what we have.

Here are the boudoir photography results:

Posing like as though the sun was glowing around him

Gorgeous hazy and dramatic effect for Big Dog

Shall we make it romantic?

Here's the video of Big Dog being a fantastic boudoir model:


If Big Dog can do a boudoir photo shoot, then so can you! It may look intimidating at first, but trust me, you'd realise the entire experience is enjoyable and addictive after the first ten minutes. You will leave feeling empowered and a massive boost to your confidence level!

Send me a message here if you want to learn more about booking your session. We have opened the slots for July until December 2022, and they are secured in a snap! Hurry! Limited spaces are available. Oh, and we can also travel to your location.


Join our Facebook VIP group here (exclusively for women only), where you get first dibs on flash sales, live studio shoots and contests.

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