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An intimate photography session with a female war survivor | Singapore Boudoir Photography

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

How a proud refugee celebrates her incredible life journey through her boudoir photography session.

"I am a 37 years old mum of two gorgeous girls. Ethnicity wise I am Middle Eastern. Survived 8 years of war and a proud refugee." ~ Mrs NB

Meet the gorgeous Mrs NB.

When we first met for coffee, we clicked immediately like close friends and laughed heartily during our talks about motherhood.

Born in Iran, Mrs NB and her siblings had to escape Iran during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. Mrs NB's parents have separated before the war, and so her mom had to raise the children by herself. What struck me the most was how her courageous mom had to singlehandedly coordinate the getaway with children in tow. They were left without a single dime but with the clothes on their back as they tread through dangerous routes out of war-torn Iran. The escape journey must have been arduous and deadly especially through many foreign lands. Finally, they have managed to seek asylum in the UK and were given a simple place to settle in Scotland.

I cannot imagine how terrifying it is to be in a new environment where you cannot communicate the language at all and the sudden transition from living an affluent lifestyle - they use to live in a mansion with lots of caretakers - to an unsophisticated life.

Her mother's mental and physical torment of having to work several jobs to raise all of them must have been crushing at some point. I believe it is not about the pain that the mother goes through to ensure her family survives but how she has to pick herself up even after she's already been paralysed by her heavy responsibilities. To start from the bottom on your own can get suicidal.

So I am grateful and honoured to present to you this brave woman who has openly shared a moving part of her life journey. She wanted to do a boudoir photography session to celebrate how far she has come. And I am glad she did. The whole experience of seeing herself peel her soul slowly during the session is not only empowering but a representation of her pride as the daughter of her own fearless mother.

Her marvellous story of being a proud refugee has shaped her to be this humble and beautiful person today. Oh, bless her soul!

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