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Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Booking Your Boudoir Photographer | Singapore Boudoir Photography Studio

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Hello you!! I'm sure you've found this blog because you wish to learn more about preventing yourself from making a wrong decision - booking a boudoir session that makes you feel regretful. Yes, booking a boudoir session is an exciting way to celebrate yourself, boost your confidence, and create beautiful, intimate memories. However, to ensure your experience is as positive as possible, it's essential to avoid common mistakes people often make when booking their boudoir photographer. I am here to guide you and help you make a confident decision.

Here are five key pitfalls to steer clear of:

1. Not Researching the Photographer's Style and Portfolio

Every boudoir photographer has a unique style, and finding one whose work and vision resonates with you is crucial. Some photographers focus on classic, bright, airy portraits, while others prefer a more edgy, contemporary approach.

Also, check out if this photographer has worked with all body types and skin tones and showcases the empowering stories of some of the women. After all, boudoir photography is the experience of celebrating you as this magically beautiful art, not just beautiful pictures.

instagram screenshot of The Pin-up Rebels
A screenshot of The Pin-up Rebels Instagram page

So browse the photographers' portfolios and see if their style and reason for entering boudoir photography align with your vision. Failure to do so can lead to disappointment when the final images and photography experience don't match your expectations.

2. Ignoring Reviews and Testimonials

Feedback from past clients is invaluable when selecting a boudoir photographer. Ignoring reviews and testimonials can lead to unpleasant surprises. Look for consistent praise regarding the photographer's professionalism, comfort level provided during the shoot (is it a safe space?), and overall satisfaction with the final images through their Google Reviews or even join their Facebook VIP group if they have one. Take note: Some reviews can be fake and bought, so read the reviews carefully and look out for reviews with a tone of sincerity.

Here are a couple of Google reviews from our wonderful past clients:

positive google review on empowering experience

positive google review for boudoir session

Another trustworthy method is to join the Facebook VIP group (link at the end of blog), where you can post a question to which past clients can respond or examine the photographer's Instagram account to read stories shared by previous clients.

Furthermore, the next section will explain a pre-shoot consultation with the photographer for a vibe check.

Thus, besides producing beautiful photos, a highly trustworthy photographer will likely concentrate on delivering an empowering and positive experience.

3. Overlooking the Importance of a Pre-Shoot Consultation

Think about this: You are placing your confidence in the hands of your photographer, who will take care of it and ensure that you feel powerful after your session. Hence, a pre-shoot consultation is vital in the boudoir photography process. This meeting lets you discuss your ideas, preferences, and concerns. It's also an opportunity to build rapport with your photographer, which is essential for feeling comfortable during the session. Here's a scenario (and I am sure you have experienced this before): you are visiting a specialist doctor for a specific concern about your body, but this doctor doesn't seem to have proper bedside manners. You must have felt rushed and ignored with your consultation. This feels icky, and you'd be on hot stones as you go for a second or third opinion elsewhere.

Some helpful questions to ask during your pre-session consultation:

Who will be photographing me?

May I bring a friend?

Who will be on the set?

Is the location safe and private or a rented studio (some studios have security cameras)?

How many photos will I get to see and choose?

Can you travel to my chosen location?

making a phone call for a boudoir session

Skipping this step can result in miscommunication and a lack of preparedness, affecting the quality of your experience. At The Pin-up Rebels, we have a non-obligatory pre-session phone call where we will walk you through the entire boudoir journey and process so you have a clear understanding. We understand that phone calls can be an introvert's nightmare, but if the photographer cannot make an introvert comfortable during the phone call, perhaps the photographer is not the right fit for you.

4. Is it a safe space?

Does the photographer sound personal to you? Can the photographer understand your perspective and provide a safe space where you don't feel judged and shamed? Are your boundaries respected, and does the photographer practise empathy?

Do they provide a contract? How about their rescheduling/cancellation policies?

Are the photos created for your keepsake, or are you okay with the photographer's internet subscription-based service?

How about the varied body types that the photographer has worked with? Many photographers may not be skilled in emotive photography (and communicate respectfully) with people without experience posing. The Pin-up Rebels are proud to have worked with many types of people from different backgrounds and body types.

5. Understanding pricing can be tricky, so let's ensure we're on top of it!

Boudoir photography can vary significantly in cost, and it's essential to understand what is included in your chosen collection. Some photographers offer an all-inclusive collection with hair, makeup, albums, and location, while others may charge separately for these services. Believe it or not, some photographers charge you for using certain camera gear like special lights or props! Neglecting to clarify pricing details can lead to unexpected expenses. Ensure you get a detailed breakdown of costs and understand what you're paying for to avoid any financial surprises.

Some helpful questions to ask during pricing:

  • What kinds of payments are accepted?

  • Do you provide any pre-session payment plans? (yes, The Pin-up Rebels do! And we do not charge any interest! Just talk to us!)

  • Do I have to choose a collection now before the session?

  • Are outfits included?

  • How many changes are there?

  • How many pictures do I get with the collections?

  • Hair and makeup provided?

  • If I am on the pre-session payment plan, may I upgrade it later?

  • Are there any add-ons available to purchase?

Final Thoughts

Booking a boudoir session should be a fun and empowering experience. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure a smooth process and end up with photos you'll cherish forever. Take the time to research, communicate openly with your photographer (we're not mind readers), and prepare thoroughly to make the most of your boudoir experience. And finally, ask ask ask questions. There are no stupid questions!


For your safe, fun and empowering session, contact us to schedule a pre-session planning call!

Join our Facebook VIP group! (Exclusively for women only.)

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