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Boudoir photography sessions are made for you! | Singapore boudoir photography studio

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Hey you! You may be holding yourself back from doing a boudoir photo shoot session for yourself. But, yes, you have to, and you know that you want it.

But what's stopping you? It can be a nervous thought with your feelings getting knotted up and that voice whispering in your ear that you are not good enough for it.

Let me tell you something...YOU...ARE...WORTH...IT. Time to glow and put all those negative thoughts away.

Here are some reasons why The Pin-up Rebels' boudoir photography sessions are made for ALL women:

1) You get to treat yourself...

No matter your age, body type, and style, you have every right to indulge in

boudoir photography. It's a great pick-me-up and reminder of your beauty and strength. Nothing

boosts your spirit more than gorgeous images of yourself!

Have you seen how beautiful your back is?

2) It can be life-changing.

It's something you've never tried before. Once you do a session, you become hooked! It's

exhilarating and fun. From the moment you start pampering yourself until the day you see your

final photos, you'll understand why! We had repeated clients who got addicted to the confidence that they get after every session. It is similar to the uplifting feeling you get after a good haircut at the salon but even more satisfying to get a memorable experience through boudoir photography. You shed all your insecurities and gain all your power to recognise the strong human that you are.

This gorgeous woman is hooked and ready for her second boudoir session!

3) You'll appreciate yourself a little more!

Boudoir encourages women to love themselves for who they truly are. It's a great way to

embrace your flaws and love the skin you're in! You will be filled with gratitude with this one body that is a beautiful vessel gifted to you from the time you were born, and it has been nourishing you and protecting you in this incredible journey called Life. Embrace it now!

Let's highlight those sensuous curves!

4) You get pictures as a reminder of your confidence.

Documenting who you are right now will leave a positive impact when you look back and reminisce about that season of life, how much fun you had and the celebration of you being unapologetically yourself! It's the story behind those images that will stir your emotions which is a priceless sentiment. For example, have you watched Disney's movie, Ratatouille? The winning dish in the movie was just a simple basked dish that consists of a mixture of vegetables but guess what made it won? It had brought the fussy food critic to his vulnerable self when he had a flashback of his joyful experience when he had the familiar dish as a kid. Your pictures are exactly like that - It reminds you of the comfort, warmth and confidence during your session!

One of our products offered are the personalised luxury folios, and they are guaranteed to last you a lifetime!

5) You get to shop for yourself!

Who doesn't love to shop? Boudoir is a great excuse to buy lingerie that makes you blush!

There's something out there for every woman! We have a long list of places to shop for your type of style! This is also an amazing learning opportunity where you will discover more about the sensual side and recognise what type of lingerie brings out the goddess in you!

6) You get to embrace body liberation.

Boudoir is classic, beautiful, and timeless. Every woman is unique. You deserve to be dolled up and captured on camera regardless of skin colour, body size, age, and lifestyle. We are your safe place. Embrace those stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, skin discolouration etc.! It is time to unlearn what society tells you to do with your body and accept every perceived flaw all over your body. Many women feel that doing a boudoir photography session is part of a self-healing process and the perfect time to reconcile with their beautiful bodies. By the way, we do not share your images publicly unless you sign a release.

Time to shine and welcome those stretch marks <3

7) You get to empower other women too!

When another woman sees you doing boudoir, they become inspired. It's all about lifting each

other and accepting our beautiful bodies. We should not compete against each other, but

instead, encourage one another to do the dang thing. Every woman has their own story. When

women come together, powerful things happen. Our Facebook VIP group is a strong community of supportive women, ready to build up each other. Join here to be part of this fascinating tribe of warriors!


Ready to take the leap and do a boudoir photo shoot for yourself? Contact us here for a free consultation!

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