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Celebrating body positivity through an intimate photoshoot| Singapore boudoir studio

Ms L has done multiple photoshoots with me and to say that I am privileged to be her boudoir photographer is an understatement. You see, I have seen her evolve. She has evolved as a whole person over these couple of years. She dug deep and has learned to peel her shield of vulnerability.

We have decided to start the session with her looking raw and real. No hair and makeup. Just bare-faced. Check out the video below:

Hair flips during boudoir photography

I must say hair flips would usually turn out awesome! That beaming smile says a lot about her confidence that day.

Then we proceed to experiment with something entirely new - henna art! You see, every boudoir photoshoot is different for everyone. And incorporating henna art in boudoir photography has always been Ms L's dream.

Here are Ms L's words on her entire boudoir photography journey:

In your own words, what is boudoir photography to you?

``In the past, I'd have told you it's about divine lingerie, hair and makeup. I'd also have told you that it's about finding your inner goddess without understanding it entirely. Each photographer is going to give you a different experience. Believe me, I had some degrading experiences. If a photographer is making you feel objectified, you aren't doing boudoir. Boudoir is peeling away from your insecurities, putting away the bricks to the walls you've put up. Everything that the world has told you is immaterial and irrelevant. For example, your love handles are unattractive, your double chin is hideous and your cellulite is unsightly. It's about allowing yourself to express your individuality, as you should be. Enjoying every second of being that and have that moment captured through a lens. You don't even need hair and makeup or ravishing lingerie to achieve that. If being completely bare is who you are, that's how you ought to celebrate it."

Leg splits at an intimate setting, Singapore boudoir

Since boudoir photography is all about celebrating who you are, please tell us a little bit more about yourself.

`` I'm an advocate for body positivity. Have been since I was really young when I saw beauty in womanly curves. When I grew into mine, I loved it but wasn't taking care of myself. That led to certain insecurities because society told me so. I never showed by some miracle, that's why most people told me I'm confident. After discovering plus size models exists, I truly wanted to be one. It's almost impossible here in Asia, especially when I don't have a fanbase nor the talent to draw people's attention."

What motivated you to go ahead with the photoshoot?

``I haven't been photographed often my whole life. I'm not good at taking selfies either. I felt the need to be photographed at different points in my life knowing that when I look back, I can reminisce about how I used to be then and how I'd like to be better. Recently, because of my weight loss, I've always wanted to hold back shoots because I felt like I wasn't at the point where I was satisfied yet. There was always something stopping me. The skin was breaking out like mad, I wasn't losing the amount of weight I wanted to yet. Then I realised that that is the beauty of it, isn't it? That was what I initially wanted, wasn't it?"

Did you tell others that you will be doing this photoshoot?

``I usually only tell very few of my very close friends. Unfortunately, we're not geographically together. They've always been supportive of it and are very reassuring. Otherwise, I never bothered telling any blood-related family members, because I feel they are unable to see the depth and beauty in boudoir, and all there is to boudoir is stripping and posing."

Hair and makeup before boudoir photoshoot

What was your biggest fear before working with me? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

``Prior to working with you, I wasn't sure how to pose or how to look good on camera. Every time I practised in front of the mirror, it doesn't look right. Every photographer I've worked with before usually guide me to do some tasteless poses, some even got agitated with me. Some don't guide me at all that when I got the photos, I thought that if I had seen it during the shoot, I could improve on the posture right away and we'd have gotten a better picture. Every time when I work with a new photographer, I always shared with them that I haven't done much of modelling, so poses are a challenge for me."

What, specifically, was your favourite part of the entire photographic experience, and why?

``Seeing the photos would be my favourite part. Since I started working with you, I learnt that the poses that look and feel weird/uncomfortable are the ones that looked the best. It's more than just the arching of the back, it's beyond an arch, hands and legs placements, the flow of movements, even some candid shots were amazing. The food and chatter also made my experience more pleasant, almost as if it felt like the day was too short."

In three words, how would you describe your feelings when you saw the photos?


If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

``Darling, I know you're not into intimate shoots and all, but trust me, I feel that everyone should do this once in their life. It's the same as how I feel everyone should work in customer service at least 2 years in their life. That way people can treat front-liners with more respect. If everyone did a boudoir shoot, the corrupted beauty industry would have crumbled, and we wouldn't have to burden ourselves with the insecurities they were feeding our brains with!"



We are proud to present some of the photos from her amazing session:


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