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On a mission to empower women (starting in Singapore)

Welcome to the start of The Pin-up Rebels blog!

My name is Mary Violet, the founder of The Pin-up Rebels. I am excited to be launching my first blog post and website that will ignite this epidemic of female empowerment through boudoir photography.

Let's start with the glorious, Singapore.

I am privileged and grateful to be in a beautiful city that is adorned by so many amazing women. This multi-cultured city is overflowing with copious amounts of stories from women of all walks of life and I want to capture them all sensually through my style of photography.

A little bit more about my photography studio: It is a place of sanctuary where it provides a safe, fun and judgement-free environment. It will be a retreat where we celebrate you for who you are right now. My photography celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion - I have documented women of various backgrounds, colour, ethnicity, size, shape, beliefs, career, lifestyle, orientation and the list goes on! You will leave the session with your renewed sense of confidence and powered by your fearlessness.

So in this blog, you will get a taste of the stories of some of the brave women that I have photographed, some behind the scenes, tips and tricks to getting the best out of your photographic experience, some how-tos, whys, and many other interesting facts about boudoir photography. I hope that by sharing all that valuable information with you, you will be inspired and fuelled by the excitement to pursue your own self-love journey.

As we proceed to get this started, I am constantly reminded by this beautiful quote:

“Tell your story.

Shout it. Write it.

Whisper it if you have to.

But tell it.

Some won't understand it.

Some will outright reject it.

But many will

thank you for it.

And then the most

magical thing will happen.

One by one, voices will start

whispering, 'Me, too.'

And your tribe will gather.

And you will never

feel alone again.”

L.R. Knost

So yes I will be here to constantly remind you to tell your story and allow yourself to heal or to feel proud of who you are now. You have every right to feel beautiful and to be unapologetically yourself.

Wow, I cannot believe how far this has gone. I am feeling pumped up for my boudoir photography journey and I'm super glad to have you here with me.

Time to own your story.

Here's a toast to you and let's fall in love with you.


Mary Violet

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