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Finding forgiveness through an intimate boudoir photography session | Singapore studio

Trigger warning: Sexual Assault

sitting on brown sofa thinking

Dear Pin-up Rebel Ms N,

Let me tell you what I felt about your session.

It was indescribable. Phenomenon. And it constantly gives me goosebumps whenever I reminisce about it.

You arrived at the studio with this intense glow of "Let's bring down the house!" My god, I wish I had your unmatched energy. I firmly believe our souls were meant to meet each other.

"BABEEEEEEEEE!" is your signature enthusiastic exclamation whenever something exciting pops into your head. It is forever embedded in my head. And I am sure your close friends and family agree.

I enjoy watching you clap loudly and cackle with jubilation whenever we find dark humour in our conversations. Our serious dialogue about outfit changes ends with the sudden twist of discussions about vasectomies and honest topics about how we can never please society. We can spend all day and night talking about anything and everything under the sun with you, for you possess the gift of the gab. This talent of yours makes you down-to-earth and confident!

You are unapologetic, fearless and full of empathy. I wish we have more people like you in this world.

I type this little letter with a bountiful appreciation for your existence and stay eternally grateful to you for sharing your story of being a survivor of sexual assault. This heinous act that robs you of your teenage years is unforgiving. Yet, I am in constant awe of your courage to keep pushing through life with lots of love and optimism. I kept asking myself, "How the fuck did this beautiful human get out of that dark petrifying hole?"

As I watch you tear up with elation during your photo reveal, I see the fire in you blazing so brightly like armies charging through the battlefront. Dear queen, your war cry is deafening all the naysayers of your life. I hope this experience has brought you to heights that you shall go out and spread this confidence like a ripple effect!

May your brave story be a survival hand guide to the many other women who will know that they are not alone but they can find support through admirable survivors like you!

I will always be here for you, fighting and supporting you.

I love you, my friend. Keep being you <3



Your biggest cheerleader

smiling after photo reveal

Here's Ms N's POV:
The lowest point in my life was getting pregnant at 14. Worst than that was that I was gang raped at 15. The trauma never really goes away, but I learn to grow around it, ensuring I choose to let only people who cares about me and uplifts me, to be part of my life and story. ~ Ms N

The lesson learned is that "Nobody can take have or take me. They can take my body. They can try to taint my skin. But they can never take my soul and my dignity. I am never less." ~ Ms N

makeup being done before session

chatting during makeup session to break the ice

Did you tell others that you will be doing this photoshoot? If yes, what was their reaction? If not, why not?

yes yes yes yes! EVERYBODY WENT APESHIT CRAY CRAY seeing my pictures on thepinuprebels! I spoke to a friend who is a full-time mum, and she opened up about her old dream and vision of doing a boudoir shoot when she was younger. Another friend, who is a braletteclub model, says she is going to start saving for a shoot with thepinuprebels.

What was your biggest fear before working with me? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

There was zero fear. Just that small voice in my head that tells me, "You won't look good, Nina." when the shoot first started, Mary and Gerra eased me into it, and then that voice became history after a while.

What was your favourite part of the entire photographic experience, and why?

so many!

1) the loving and encouraging words from Mary and Gerra

2) the whole experience from the first phone call, right up to the after-care the next day after the shoot. Makes me feel so heard and important

3) Most definitely the reveal that made me tear because I have never seen myself in that light

looking at the images and admiring them

In three words, how would you describe your feelings when you saw the photos?

1) Speechless

2) Beautiful

3) Whole

What is sexy to you?

Sexy to me is a kind heart, emotionally intelligent, confidence, being able to recognise and embracing insecurities, speaking and acting from the kind heart.

What would you say to someone stopping themselves from doing a boudoir session?

No more "maybe later". Just go!

What would you say if you were to recommend us to your best friend?



Here's presenting the phenomenal Pin-up Rebel, Ms N!

Ready for an empowering and transformative photography session? Contact us here; we're happy to discuss this with you!

Empowering make-up by Gerra :

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