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How to choose a boudoir/women's beauty photographer for you | Singapore Boudoir Photography

So I guess you have decided to do a boudoir session. Yay!! This decision should be a fascinating journey for you. I have to admit that researching about choosing the best photographer can be daunting and scary, so I am here to help you. I want to look out for every woman who plans on doing a boudoir photography session because this is a considerable investment that you do not want to regret.

hair flip photography singapore

1) Trust:

  • Do you want a male or female photographer? Picture this. You will be alone with a stranger in your most vulnerable state. How comfortable will you be in front of that person? Now, not all male photographers are creeps! There are many in Singapore who are respectable and are great boudoir photographers. Meet them in person. Talk to them. Ask them what their approach to boudoir photography is. Why do they like boudoir photography? Find out if they will have a female assistant on the set during the session or if you are allowed to bring a friend along to your session. Trust your gut.

  • Personality: Can you connect with this photographer? Check out their social media pages. What kind of vibe do they give? Are they boring? Fun? What about the language and tone used in their blogs? This photographer has to build a trusting relationship with you, so talk to them in person. It's the photographer's effort of reaching out to you and being easily reachable that tells you whether you will get a valuable experience out of your session. A session at The Pin-up Rebels is like going to a pyjama party where we open up ourselves, talk about anything and everything. We celebrate you for BEING YOU during your entire session in our safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment.

  • Contracts. Contracts. Contracts! I cannot emphasise how IMPORTANT this is. AVOID any photographer who does not have contracts. Contracts are for your safety and privacy. It reflects their level of professionalism. I am sure that you do not want images of you lurking in the dark interweb. It saddens me that many women out there have done a boudoir photography session with other photographers without signing any contracts.

2) Location:

  • Are you comfortable shooting in a studio? Shooting in a studio allows more flexibility with the studio's look and access to the studio's wardrobe. However, some clients prefer to shoot in their own homes to be more comfortable and familiar with their environment. The Pin-up Rebels are flexible with locations, for we have experience doing boudoir sessions in the studio, in a hotel room setting, at a client's place, and even outdoors.

3) Style:

shower boudoir

  • Check out their portfolio on their website and their social media. Do you LOVE their work? Are you into the gritty, raunchy look? Or more romantic? Bright and airy? Dark and moody? If they can do a range of looks, be specific with style you are looking for by sharing images that inspire you.

4) Price:

I firmly believe that you get what you pay for. I'll be honest; boudoir photography is a luxury experience. Some photographers charge cheap or free because they are building up their portfolio. So please pay what you are worth. Here are some questions to ask a photographer on their pricing:

  • What will you get out of the price? Will there be hair and makeup? How many images will you get? What about products like albums and wall art?

  • What is the price range that most clients spend?

  • What kind of payment methods do you accept? Psst, we offer interest-free prepayments with bonuses!

  • How long is each session? At The Pin-up Rebels, each session lasts an average of five hours. I know it sounds long but let me explain. Boudoir photography is a pampering experience. We spend the entire day making you feel valuable like a Goddess, serving you and making you feel significant. We hate rushing our clients. But, unfortunately, our world is always in a rush. And we seem to be drowning in our anxieties—time to relax and breathe!

  • How many outfit changes will there be? Will you have access to the studio wardrobe?

5) Experience

In my own experience, if I want the best chocolate, I would go to a chocolatier. Do you want a photographer who specialises in Boudoir photography, or you are ok with a photographer who offers other genres? In my experience, most photographers who offer different genres rarely find the time to master boudoir photography. A specialist photographer spends a lot of time learning different poses and lighting to work on various body types and facial expressions. It is entirely different to achieve results, just like in newborn or wedding photography. Please don't get me wrong. Some respectable photographers are great with a mixture of genres and boudoir photography too.

How versatile are they? Do they advocate body liberation? Do they know and understand how to pose women of ALL shapes, sizes? Check out their website and social media handles. The more versatile they work with different body types, skin colour, personality, the more confident they shoot women. Choose a photographer who will make you feel valued, empowered and beautiful.

Check out how The Pin-up Rebels celebrate diversity and inclusion here!

plus size black and white photography

6) Testimonials

Are there any testimonials on the photographer/studio's website? Or even any Google review ratings?

I am usually doubtful when reading testimonials without an image of the person who wrote them. Hence I am eternally grateful to the many women who took their time to write meaningful testimonials and have permitted us to use their images. Some have consented to me to share their story because their experience is so empowering and personal that they want to inspire EVERY woman.

We are more than happy to let you talk to some of our ex-clients to understand and learn more about the experience that we offer. Or you may join our exclusive VIP Facebook group here to find out more! Otherwise, head over to our testimonial page!

7) Do they walk the walk?

Has the photographer done a boudoir photography session for themselves? (Yes, there is such as thing as a boudoir session for men called Dudoir photography!)

black and white boudoir photographer singapore
I believe this was taken in 2013 by my photographer friend, Ms J Teh

A boudoir photographer who has been in your shoes shows that they are genuine about understanding the emotion that goes through every client.

I first did a boudoir photography session with a photographer friend in her tiny HDB room. I was unfortunate to have my period on that day! It was super awkward and nerve-wracking, for it was her first time photographing someone who had no experience modelling, AND I was feeling vulnerable in a corset. So I fully understand the emotions going through a person during the entire session.

Been there, done that. I got your back!


I hope that the above pointers have given you a better idea of choosing a boudoir photographer. You will be investing most of your time in getting the best out of your experience, and you want to be happy with the outcome. Remember, it doesn't hurt to ask questions!

Have a burning question? Send us a message here!

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