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Thinking of a retro hairstyle for your boudoir session? | Singapore boudoir photography studio

Victory rolls, Waves, Bouffant, Poodle cut are some of the many memorable hairstyles done in the 1940s-60s that stays timeless and captivating. I strongly admire the women of that era, who put effort into creating their style consistently. Check out some of the fascinating hairstyles of the 1950s below:

Bouffant pinup hairstyle

Short bangs retro women

Side part retro hairstyle

Pageboy curls hairstyle retro

Retro ponytail hairstyles

Retro curly hairstyles

Retro long hairstyles

Retro Headband hairstyles

Retro hair flowers hairstyles

Notable, isn't it? I wish these hairstyles were easy to execute in Singapore, especially with the torrid humid weather. Which one is your favourite retro hairstyle? I love the classic long waves or the adorable pageboy hairstyle. Many women go for the traditional long waves or even the side part hairstyle for their pinup session.

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To get an elaborate description of all the hairstyles above, check out:

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