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Why we Include Professional Hair/Makeup for your photography session | Singapore boudoir photography

It has been an arduous process for me when I first started many years ago (2014?!). I had to trawl the crazy internet in search of reliable and trustworthy hair and makeup artists. I have to admit it was an overwhelming and exhausting process.

There are makeup artists who are poor with communicating. I remembered one makeup artist who gave a patronizing advise to a curvy client to go on a 'diet'. *crickets* So no.

There was an experienced makeup artist who tried to educate me that boudoir photography is over sexualising women. So a big no.

There are a few who ghosted me at the last minute. HELL NO WHY DO THAT?! DIDN'T YOU CLAIM YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL WITH SO MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE?! Mind you, some of them have makeup certificates and an extensive portfolio.

Finally, the stars have aligned. I found my first dependable makeup artist in gumtree. She was quick to respond, and she arrived early for the session. Gosh, I am fortunate to have found her! We worked on so many projects, and that is where I knew how to filter the good makeup artists from the bad ones. And then my list of sincere makeup artists grew. *happy dance*

Henceforth I am glad to share the reason we include professional hair and makeup artists to your session.


1) The Makeup artist understands our workflow. She knows the process of the entire boudoir photography session.

This beautiful babe wanted two types of look for her session -a dark, vampy look and then a romantic look. My makeup artist will usually advise you on which look to start the session so that integrating the next look will be swift and efficient.

Left: Dark and vampy.

Right: Romantic.


2) The hair and makeup artists are the main icebreakers. They know how to connect with you and ease your nerves.

It can be nerve-wracking to know that you will be in a vulnerable position during the photoshoot session. Our makeup artists are like cheerleaders who will be feeding you with great tips and let you know what to anticipate in the session - this is to give you a mental preparation of what is to come. Oh, and so you know, you are in safe hands for we provide a non-judgemental and safe place for you to be yourself. Sometimes I feel like we are a confessional booth! Any conversations shared during the photo session stay in the photo session. Trust me. It is like a cathartic release.

Here we have a gorgeous mom of two girls opening up to us and revealing her gruelling experience of being a refugee in the past. Apart from that, she even shared funny stories of her and her sisters when it comes to eyebrow maintenance


3) The makeup artist knows my style of work and we share the same vision. They have enough experience working with me and with different women. They know what works well for the different outfits and mood of the shoot.

For this client, she requested for a whimsical 1950s Hollywood pin-up look to celebrate her birthday.

I chuckle every time I see this photo! It was a blast doing her session!


4) Our hair and makeup artists have open communication with the clients.

Sometimes we do not have the right words to express the type of style that we want. One of our makeup artists, like Monina, will let you know what will work on your skin type and what will not. She does not coat her words with fluff, but her honesty will help you trust yourself with decision making when it comes to skincare or even purchasing makeup.

You are at liberty to ask questions about makeup and educate yourself with more makeup knowledge from them. Such a valuable educational experience!


5) This is part of the luxurious experience.

We do not like to rush the makeup artists (or even you!) while they are busy pampering you - this is an excellent chance for them to connect with you and build a trusting relationship. You get to breathe and savour the therapeutic moment.

Take some breaks.

Enjoy the drinks and healthy snack provided in the studio.


Sometimes we have two makeup artists to pamper you. You will feel like a rockstar!


6) You are confident to know that they practise proper hygiene and they use amazing quality products.

I will be honest.

I am a total noob when it comes to makeup. But our team of trusted makeup artists have imparted exceptional knowledge when it comes to handling makeup and makeup techniques.

Does she wash her hands before the makeup session?

Does she use disposable mascara wands?

How often do they wash their brushes?

Yes, the equipment and makeup kit of our makeup artists are extensive and like a treasure trove. Their makeup kit can cost thousands or more!


7) All our makeup artists are versatile.

Since we celebrate diversity, we ensure that our makeup artists have experience working on different skin tones and skin types.

I'm so proud of the work of our makeup artists!


Thus, we are confident that our makeup artists will delight you with their skills and exceed your expectations!

And suppose you are searching for a professional hair and makeup artist for your bridal, costume party, events or any other types of photoshoot session in Singapore. In that case, I can point you in the right direction. Hey, at least I have done the exhausting homework for you ;-)

*All images have written permission from the clients to post their images publicly.

Hair and Makeup artists featured:

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