So what goes on behind the doors of The Pin-up Rebels?

1) Pre-planning

I want to emphasise the importance of this first step. A video call or face-to-face meeting over coffee would be the perfect setting to discuss this. This is to establish a relationship with you and to learn what you want and for you to know what you will get. Oh and this is a non-obligatory meeting. So don't feel pressured to make a decision immediately!

If you have decided to invest in yourself in this powerful journey of female empowerment, a welcome packet will be sent to you upon receipt of your booking fee.

3) Hair and Make-up session

Let one of our professional hair and makeup artists pamper you and doll you up for the session. Our makeup artists were carefully selected base on experience and trust. 

5) Reveal

A couple of weeks after your session, you will be invited to view and choose your digital artwork from the TV screen while sipping on some bubbly champagne and chocolates. This process of selecting your artwork will be a mind-blowing experience and the adrenaline rush is indescribable.

Warning: this process may take you an hour to make decisions. Don't worry, I shall guide you through it :-)

2) On the day of your arrival

You will be welcomed with a drink of your choice and introduced to the team. Light healthy snacks shall be provided (I love to nourish my clients) during your entire session. We will discuss on your outfit selection and theme. Time to relax and take a deep breath as you settle yourself comfortably in the studio.

4) The photoshoot session

Ahhh...the most fun and nerve-wracking part! You will be coached with poses that will bring the best out of you. Apart from the crazy fun and unlimited words of encouragement from us, you will feel like a powerful queen for you will be able to achieve certain challenging poses. After the session, I can guarantee that you will leave the studio with a renewed sense of confidence.

Warning: you might feel sore for the next few days.

6) Final deliverables

You will receive your digital art work a week after your reveal session through your own private online gallery (Password protected). 

If you have ordered any other products such as an album or a wall art, allow another four to six weeks for us to present it to you.

Psst...have you joined our exclusive women-only VIP group?

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