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All bodies need to be represented | Singapore boudoir photography studio

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Ms MK contacted me at the start of 2021 and wanted to book a session for herself. However, due to the unpredictable covid restrictions, we had to postpone her session. I feel like this is how the universe tests your patience and finally, wham! here you go, an opportunity to execute our plans with more oomph. She booked a room at the splendid The Regis Hotel to celebrate the welcoming of the New Year.

Hair and makeup preparation
Getting ready for her hair and makeup

wheelchair user getting ready for photoshoot
Discussing about the challenges of magnetic eyelashes

I'm glad that her supportive friends were present to assist and provide encouragement to her during her entire session. Besides soaking in the merriment of their presence, I find joy watching how having a strong sisterhood can uplift a person.

Supportive friends at the boudoir session
Friends waiting patiently and ready to help when needed

Here is her experience:

Please tell us more about yourself!

I consider myself pretty confident however there are times where I doubt myself. I am wheelchair dependent, so it hasn’t always been easy. But I am extremely passionate about inclusivity especially in Singapore. I’ve have always pushed myself (literally too, cos wheelchair :p), and I believe I can do everything, just differently.

What is boudoir photography to you?

It’s about being sexy and expressing yourself in your bare skin.

pose coaching a wheelchair user

What motivated you to book a photoshoot?

I absolutely love The Pin-Up Rebels FB community page. It’s not only empowering but everyone is so supportive and active on the page. Seeing that and the work Mary does, I wanted to see the “whole” me. I hardly see myself in full reflection and I saw this as an opportunity to see it, the flaws but most importantly the beauty in me.

touching up makeup on wheelchair user
Our makeup artist, Zed, is always ready to do touchups

What was your biggest fear before the session?

I was most nervous about not knowing how to pose, or what to do with my hands. I was also nervous about how the session would be since I would require some help to get into certain poses. But Mary saw to every detail, from being able to make me smile naturally to telling me how to loosen my fingers so it looks natural. Mary and the assistant also helped me throughout and they kept me at ease making me feel so beautiful. I did not once feel awkward or shy during the shoot. I had so much to take away from the session and it has made me want to do more!

pose coaching with wheelchair user
How about a jacket for a rocker look?

Did you tell others, apart from your friends who were at the session with you, that you will be doing this photoshoot?

My closest friends were aware! And as always, I had their full support. In fact, now they want to try it too!

How do you define sexy?

It's a state of mind. After seeing my photos, I realised it is hidden in me.

What was your favorite part of the entire photographic experience, and why?

Make up has always been something I loved, so I really enjoyed that bit. I also liked how Mary saw my strengths and worked towards that.

White duvet and sheets to keep warm
Keeping warm under the blankets. It was a rainy day!

In three words, how would you describe your feelings when you saw the photos?

Impressed. Appreciative. Beautiful.

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Babeeee you need to do this to really see your “full” self. It’s empowering!


Presenting Pin-up rebel Ms MK


Curious about booking a session for yourself? Book a non-obligatory presession call and we shall give you more information and details on this unique empowering photography session in Singapore!

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