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Getting intimate with a tattoo lover | Singapore boudoir photography studio

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

An exclusive chat with Pin-up Rebel Ms IS about her eclectic range of tattoos and understanding the stories behind them.

Let's get personal. Please describe yourself in a few words and what is your day job?

``I think I am someone who is very direct and almost has no filter, but can be gentle when the time calls for it. I am currently working as a healthcare assistant."

What are some struggles that you have faced while growing up?

``I have always been told that I am too “loud” and “aggressive” while growing up, which in turn did affect me as it took me years to realize that it is okay to state what’s on my mind and why I feel certain things could use some improvement. Also, it is more than okay to stay true to my thoughts and beliefs while having enough capacity to understand why others may have differing beliefs from me."

What is a ridiculous statement made to you?

``When I stepped into Boudoir and implied nude photography for the first time, I had someone tell me (better yet, a woman photographer) “If you are going to post such over-sexualised photos, then you are just asking for it and you should just block the creeps. It’s the internet what do you expect” I don’t expect much, but why is acceptable to keep quiet about it and then use a passive move of avoidance (blocking and deleting creeps) when I can tell them off that being a creep isn’t cool and it is unwanted?"

What are some problems/issues that women in SG shouldn't have to deal with in this day and age?

``Unsolicited dick photographs and continuous online harassment from anonymous users when they post a slightly more risqué photo in social media."

Please tell us more about some of your tattoos because they all have an interesting story behind them!

``To be very frank........My dad told me not to get tattoos and going forth with my rebellious streak, I went ahead and did multiple tattoos over the span of one year (he gave me the leeway of doing multiple ones over 5 years but what is patience right) but the ones that hold meaning to me is, of course, my chest piece, a wave heart on the left rib and the No face spirit from ‘Spirited Away’ on the nape of my neck.

My chest piece was an outright statement of “Just because I have a tattoo here, is it still considered art or ruining my skin and making me less beautiful than I already am?” I really just wanted to stir shit among people I knew about having a large tattoo in an obvious place (and also I really just wanted a chest tattoo).

The wave heart in my left rib represents my dad’s personality, he loves his family (too much almost) and he can be calm but when people try to harm him or us, he can be very protective and as fierce as the turbulent waves in the sea that could break ships and wreak all sorts of havoc. Basically, my dad isn’t a man to be messed with.

Lastly, the No face spirit tattoo on my neck. I was going through clinical depression (Major Depression) when I was 11 years old. It took an overwhelming toll on me for years, recovering with the help of therapy and medication. I remembered watching ‘Spirited Away’ and could relate to the feelings of the No-Face spirit in the movie. The helplessness and want to be heard and loved kind of resonated with my thoughts that I buried deep in my for years. I put him on my neck because it’s the nearest to the back of my head, kind of representing if we both have such similar thoughts and that it’s okay to want to be loved."

What are some stereotypes about people with tattoos? How does a curious person approach a person with tattoos respectfully? (How to ignite a friendly conversation about the tattoos without sounding patronizing etc)

``I think for Singapore’s context, most of the older ones (I am basing it off the aunties and uncles that I met who seem to be 60 and above) take my tattoos as a sign of “bad company” or “not educated”. It doesn’t affect me much but for some reason, the stereotype that my tattoos are seen as a hindrance to my work performance is quite laughable. I didn’t know tattoos directly impacted my brain and made me have a poorer work performance. (Intense eye rolls).

Honestly, if you see a tattoo on a persons’ body that you are curious about, just go up to the person (don’t stare too much when you realize their tattoos might be in a place that is rather sensitive) and be polite about it, a simple “Hey I noticed your tattoo and I thought it looked really interesting, do you mind if I could look at it closer?” Also, do all these while maintaining eye contact please, it shows you are giving that respect while being in awe."

Any tips or advice on people who looks different than the `norm'?

``Work it, embrace it and you are fuckin’ beautiful in your own ways."

What is sexy to you?

``Having the ability to arouse people with not just my body, but my attitude and confidence as well."

How was your boudoir experience with The Pin-up Rebels?

``Amazing. To be honest I have done other boudoir shoots before but doing it with someone who is passionate about the style and bringing out the best of their model without being sexual is cool. Plus, there is just something empowering about shooting with a lady."

Do you think ALL women should do a boudoir photography session for herself? Why?

``Yes! It’s a liberating experience knowing you can look good the way you are, and being that bare and raw helps to love yourself a little more. You see details that you never really noticed before and trust me after a while you start to embrace what you’ve got."

Would you like to add on anything else? (Pls do if anything else is bothering you! This is also a great way to reach out and uplift others)

``You are entitled to stand up for yourself. If you know that something is impacting you negatively and that should be a change to it, don’t be afraid to speak up about it. With consistent effort and having that confidence to believe in your beliefs, things will get better."


And here are some photographs that our Pin-up Rebel Ms IS had rocked during her boudoir session! Check out how she embraces all her curves, stretch marks, tattoos and everything about her! If she can be this raw and real, so can you!

What are you waiting for? Let's celebrate you! Contact us here.

Follow her on Instagram: @eezeebell

*Written permission have been given by Pin-up Rebel Ms IS to post her photographs publicly.

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