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You don't have to wear lingerie or be nude to be in a boudoir photoshoot | Singapore boudoir studio

Nudity empowers some. Modesty empowers some. Different things empower different women and it isn't your place to tell her which one it is.

Heard of modest boudoir photography? There's such a thing? Yes! The main objective of a boudoir photo session is to have an empowering experience. Empowerment is the ability to make a choice without coercion. Let one of our regular studio assistants, Ms NQ tell you more about her boudoir experience!

Since boudoir photography is all about embracing who you are, please tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Modest boudoir photography in singapore
Excited for the start of her session!

I am a mom to 3 toddlers; 2 of whom are under the Autism spectrum. I am constantly battling fatigue and running on little sleep due to my youngest still awake through the night. I am always overwhelmed as my 2 ASD kids are high-needs kids as well. They constantly need attention and soothing. A meltdown (not a tantrum) lasts hours. I used to have a life besides being a mom. Thus I see-saw between feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety and putting a professional positive attitude when I post on business and do FB Live.

What do you do?

I juggle full-time mom, part-time everything else, including running my E-commerce site and freelancing as a soft skills trainer.

In your own words, what is boudoir photography to you?

It is about capturing your essence of being a woman in whatever role or stage you are in. It’s embracing your curves and edges (that song says it!) and being sexy the way you are.

Black and white images give a lot of emotion. Here, we are focussing on her having fun!

Since boudoir photography is about being vulnerable, please share with us about a low point in your life and how did you lift yourself up from it?

There's so many! I had post-natal blues and depression. It was such a dark place to be. Lots of crying. Lots of numbness and vulnerability and isolation. It took 2 years to come this far. I think about death and loss a lot. I know that God dealt me these cards of caring for 2 special/additional needs kids and gifting us 1 more (unplanned) kid. I know I must take care of them for Him and I would definitely regret it if I were to lose them. So I push myself to get up and to do what's best for them.

What motivated you to go ahead with the photoshoot?

What Mary had in mind was something I resonated and thought about on shoots. There are many who may want to but are reserved or uncomfortable about it. Although boudoir is primarily lingerie or nudity, the word itself is ``bedroom''. This means what are you comfortable with within your private space. So my shoot was showing that you could just wear anything you want, something that you are comfortable with, and yes you can wear hijab or turban for those who have reasons to do so.

Don't forget to include a meaningful prop like a book if you are a bookworm :-)

Did you tell others that you will be doing this photoshoot?

Noooo It’s a surprise.

What was your biggest fear before working with me?

Obviously my mommy figure. I didn’t want to emphasize that though Mary really appreciated my struggles and how my body grew as part of them. Poses, insecurities are there but it was comfortable since Mary was able to put me at ease. The photographs were GREAT!

What, specifically, was your favourite part of the entire photographic experience, and why?”

Everything… being taken care of and dolled up… being assured and comforted… they are a really great team to work with.

In three words, how would you describe your feelings when you saw the photos?

Elated, surprised, amazed

She looks so comfy and content!

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Get it done for yourself, or your partner. It will blow you or them away.

Ms N has worn other ``cheeky" outfits for her session but those pictures are to be kept private and I fully respect that! I'm sure her husband was blown away by how beautiful she is when she presented the pictures to him as a surprise for their wedding anniversary. :-D


Interested in a modest boudoir photoshoot session? Chat with us here.

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